It is possible that a product does not meet expectations. Although we only deliver GPS trackers of the very best quality, unexpected failures can still occur. However, disruptions can also be the result of other factors such as the satellite connection, the telephone network, or disruption in the vehicle's cabling. Therefore, first check that all cables are properly connected to the tracker. Network failures often resolve themselves. Therefore, do not immediately assume that something is wrong with your tracker.

If a malfunction persists, you can claim the warranty scheme. Send the tracker back to us, we can then test it. If the tracker no longer works properly, you will receive a new copy if the malfunction occurs within the warranty period.

Please note!

Trackers that have already been activated are not eligible for return unless it is a defect.

Complete the return form

If you want to return something, first report it to us via the return form . You will then receive an email with instructions. Follow all return steps to prevent anything going wrong in the procedure.

Shipping costs

We will pay the shipping costs to your address. If you have a return shipment, you pay the shipping costs. Via DHL Parcel is the easiest way to send something back. There are DHL service points throughout the country where you can drop off your shipment. Don't forget to request a proof of shipment.


Follow My Car has been developed in collaboration with rental companies. Our solutions are not only a must for every rental company, with a tracker also the car of every private person can be traced quickly in unauthorized use.


Worldwide coverage for all our trackers, depending on location and signal strength.



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We have been renting out car for years. With this solution I know where our vehicles are at any time of the day. This gives you peace of mind.

- Klaas Beintema

Our cars suffer a lot from the rental. Now we know exactly what happens to these cars. Speed, collisions, sabotage, theft, etc. Prove the opposite now.

- Frank van der Veen
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