A true story

We had rented our car through SnappCar. That went well for a long time, until one day we were called by the police in The Hague. Our car turned out to be stolen. I was in Roosendaal at the time, and told the police that a GPS tracker was installed in the car. Via my smartphone I was able to keep the control room informed exactly where the car was at that time. Ultimately, the perpetrators were caught driving within 2 hours after the report by the police in the center of Rotterdam and arrested.

- Lourens N. -

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Follow My Car has been developed in collaboration with rental companies. Our solutions are not only a must for every rental company, with a tracker also the car of every private person can be traced quickly in unauthorized use.


Worldwide coverage for all our trackers, depending on location and signal strength.



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We have been renting out car for years. With this solution I know where our vehicles are at any time of the day. This gives you peace of mind.

- Klaas Beintema

Our cars suffer a lot from the rental. Now we know exactly what happens to these cars. Speed, collisions, sabotage, theft, etc. Prove the opposite now.

- Frank van der Veen
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