Stealth, so hardly detectable (sweeper-proof)

Because of the built-in battery, this GPS tracker is not dependent on a power source, which makes it extremely suitable for all mobile objects, from cars to containers and trailers.

In addition, this tracker is sweeper-proof. Most trackers send a signal every 30 seconds and can therefore be traced quickly by professional gangs of car thieves. The Stealth only sends a signal once in a while and then immediately goes back to hibernation mode. That is why this tracker is ideal for tracing expensive cars, trucks, trailers and containers. The tracker can be hidden anywhere in the object to be protected.

Ultra Stealth Tracker

The tracker becomes your property, the subscription becomes always extended by one year.


Follow My Car has been developed in collaboration with rental companies. Our solutions are not only a must for every rental company, with a tracker also the car of every private person can be traced quickly in unauthorized use.


Worldwide coverage for all our trackers, depending on location and signal strength.



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We have been renting out car for years. With this solution I know where our vehicles are at any time of the day. This gives you peace of mind.

- Klaas Beintema

Our cars suffer a lot from the rental. Now we know exactly what happens to these cars. Speed, collisions, sabotage, theft, etc. Prove the opposite now.

- Frank van der Veen
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