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GPS Trackers

Passenger car
Delivery van
Camper van
Boat or yacht

External power source
Built-in battery

OBD plug & play
€ 99,00*
€ 119,79 incl. btw

Our best-selling GPS tracker without installation can be directly connected to the OBD connection of every car. Always connected.

Wired gps tracker
€ 109,00*
€ 131,89 incl. btw

This wired tracker can be expanded with additional options such as turning off the vehicle remotely. An optional relay is available for this which can be supplied immediately

Personal gps tracker
€ 149,00*
€ 180,29 incl. btw

Never lose your child again with this wearable, ideal for a day at Efteling. Via an app you can see exactly where your child is. Including a panic button which immediately sends a message with location data to the manager.

Stealth tracker
€ 179,00*
€ 216,59 incl. btw

This tracker is almost undetectable by criminals because he only sends a signal a few times a day. Suitable for tracing large objects without their own power source. The battery can last for 3 years. Waterproof housing.

vanaf € 5,75*
€ 6,96 incl. btw

OBD verlengkabel
€ 14,95*
€ 18,09 incl. btw

Verlengkabel 60cm voor de OBD tracker waarmee je de tracker uit het zicht kunt plaatsen.

€ 14,95*
€ 18,09 incl. btw

Relais welke tussen de bekabelde tracker en de startmotor kan worden geplaatst, hiermee kun je het voertuig op afstand uit- en aanschakelen.

GPS Tracking and Tracing is being used more and more in vehicles and vessels, and this at increasingly lower costs. All information from our GPS receivers is continuously uploaded to the server and recorded so that all data is immediately displayed in a well-arranged map of the area in which the vehicles are located. Zoom in to the parking space. See where your vehicle is driving or standing still. View the driven route up to 3 years ago including driven speed at any time. Define detour routes from your staff. Where and when is refueling. Due to the built-in gyroscope, it is possible to detect rough driving behavior. Have you driven too fast over a threshold? A notification is immediately sent to the manager. Apply geofences to see when your vehicle leaves or returns to the company premises. Various reports complete the picture. Tax reports for the kilometer administration, it's all possible. And that with almost worldwide coverage.

Real-time vehicle movements

In the transport sector, it is very common for vehicles to be equipped with a tracking system. Passenger cars are increasingly provided with a tracking device. Why not equip your car, motorcycle, scooter or boat with a tracker? This way you always know where your vehicle or vessel is, whether you lend it or rent it out via, for example, SnappCar. Not only in the event of theft you can easily find your car yourself, but also in the event of disagreements about damages or fines you always have conclusive evidence of where a car has been and how fast it has been driven. Or give telephone instructions if your partner gets lost again. You can follow your car accurately to 5 meters, even abroad, because our trackers are active in almost all countries of the world. Afterwards you can also view your own driven routes, all data is stored on our servers for at least 3 years.

Graphic map display

Bing or OSM maps, direct link to Google Maps, Vehicle tracking and tracing, Top speeds, Risk filter, Geofencing to configure yourself, Extensive reports , Vehicle overview, Zoom in on 1 vehicle, Driven routes, Collision and emergency stop notifications, and much more ...

On-line portal

To be able to process all vehicle movements, the coordinates are continuously uploaded to the server. For this there is a SIM card present in the tracker. Through our online portal you always have access to where your vehicles are located, anywhere in the world. Speeds are registered, stops, every (suspicious) movement is registered. So you always have proof afterwards when it comes down to it. What to think of traffic fines, for example. "I have never been there" or "I never drive so fast". Keep an eye on your son or daughter if they can take their parents' car with them. Or support your partner if he/she is lost again. This way you can perhaps list many other benefits yourself.

You need a subscription for this SIM card. Below you can see which options are available.


The benefits of our GPS Trackers

Cost savings through insight into risks

As a company you give your cars to different employees. And from that moment on you can face different challenges. Extreme use of the car, damage or fines that cannot be recovered, kilometer fraud, exceeding the agreed number of kilometers, risk of being stolen, extreme driving behavior and high maintenance costs. These are just a few examples.


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Follow My Car has been developed in collaboration with rental companies. Our solutions are not only a must for every rental company, with a tracker also the car of every private person can be traced quickly in unauthorized use.


Worldwide coverage for all our trackers, depending on location and signal strength.



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We have been renting out car for years. With this solution I know where our vehicles are at any time of the day. This gives you peace of mind.

- Klaas Beintema

Our cars suffer a lot from the rental. Now we know exactly what happens to these cars. Speed, collisions, sabotage, theft, etc. Prove the opposite now.

- Frank van der Veen
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